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ardhim Practice is a unique app that helps you take your healthcare practice online, enable e-commerce and start digital marketing within minutes. With ardhim Practice, you can set up your website, share updates, interact with patients, and showcase photos. What's more, you can set up your healthcare services catalogue with a booking cart, take online bookings, manage patient appointments and enable easy payments. Doctors can also provide online consultation services using our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform with an option to provide digital prescriptions and manage patient history ardhim Practice makes the handling of your digital practice so simple, that you can actually do it all on your own! No need to hire web developers, designers, copywriters, digital marketers etc. Just download the app and follow simple instructions to create and manage your website.
You should use ardhim Practice because it can help you: Create a website Set up an online healthcare services catalogue Accept digital payments Manage patient appointments Provide online consultation with HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform Manage patient history and provide e-prescriptions Optimise your website for search engines (SEO) Engage in social media marketing (SMM) Track patients calls and enquiries Communicate with your patients Analyse site performance And do much more! The goal of ardhim Practice is to make digital marketing effective, simple and affordable for doctors & hospitals.
ardhim Practice can help you reach more patients by increasing your leads and improving your image.
Getting a website is both expensive and time-consuming. It involves finding a developer, getting hosting, ensuring web security, setting up online consultation platform, appointment system and so on. With ardhim Practice, there is no need to worry about any of this. All you need to do is download the app and register, to get your very own practice website in just a few minutes!
ardhim Practice is a digital platform specially created with the aim of helping healthcare practices accelerate their growth. It offers an unbeatable combination of features, ease-of-use and affordability. No competitor offers as many exclusive features as affordable as ardhim Practice. It offers a complete digital solution to scale up growth.
ardhim Practice was designed so that anyone with a smartphone can set up and manage their practice online. You are welcome to use ardhim Practice for free, as long as you wish. If you want to take your practice to the next level, you can choose to get even more benefits and category-specific features by upgrading to our paid plans.
You may request for a demo by writing to Remember to mention your email or phone number so that we can respond to you. Our representatives will get in touch with you within 24 business hours.
Merchants who already have a website should switch to ardhim Practice for the following reasons: ardhim Practice offers the latest features like telemedicine and digital appointment booking system. It is more affordable than a traditional website. It is easy to operate. It gives you more control over your content. It offers many useful features which go beyond traditional digital marketing, like patient call tracking and digital payments.
Yes. ardhim Practice offers the convenience of managing your website from the app as well as a web portal.
ardhim Practice comes with 2048-bit data-encryption between mobile app and backend server, which ensures that all data is securely exchanged. The PII data (Personal Identifiable Information) is encrypted even at the database level with AES 256 encryption, DDoS and crawl-bot protection at CDN and application layer. The presence of multiple security layers ensures the protection of your information and allows you to conduct your online practice safely.
No. We do not charge any fees on orders
No. Currently we do not deliver any orders to your customers. You have to deliver all orders by yourself
By default, you have an option to use the built-in Boost payment gateway on the website to collect payments
The payment partner for Boost sends the amount you have received from your customers via your Boost website directly to the bank account you provide in the Boost 360 app under the 'My Bank Account' section. Your due amount is usually settled to your bank within T+2 days, T being the date when the payment(s) is received. This cycle may get extended due to bank holidays
Yes. Boost gives you the option to add a custom payment gateway to receive payments instantly in your account when customers place an order or appointment on your website
Boost 360 only stores the order details and confirmation status of payment. The payment process is handled using Instamojo, and hence payment credentials are not exposed and stored in Boost 360 website. Your contact details are shared with your customers in case they face any issue during the transaction
Boost 360 comes with 2048-bit data-encryption between mobile app and backend server, which ensures that all data is securely exchanged. The PII data (Personal Identifiable Information) is encrypted even at the database level with AES 256 encryption, DDoS and Crawl-bot protection at CDN and application layer. So in short, you have nothing to worry about
Boost 360 makes the creation of business content - very, very simple. You can update your website whenever you want with an equal amount of ease and speed. Be it relevant business updates, products, offers, discounts or just about anything. It can be done through an app or the web
There are widgets on the website that are meant to increase customer engagement. For instance the "Make an Enquiry" widget and the WhatsApp widget allows the customers on the website to send a direct business enquiry to you. The enquiry is delivered to your phone or email address, giving you the potential lead.
Absolutely! You can connect your business website to social networks and discovery platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business. By connecting to these services, you can automatically share your business updates, products/services with the potential customers already on these platforms
Absolutely! The Boost 360 Android app has an Add-ons marketplace where you can purchase additional features on a monthly basis to optimize your Boost website. To use a premium feature, follow these simple steps: 1. Login to Boost 360 android app 2. Go to the 'Add-Ons Marketplace' tab 3. See what each add-on offers and choose the best one for your business' needs. 4. Add it to cart 5. Continue to Checkout 6. Enter your payment details and click 'Pay Now'
Once you add a certain amount of content to your Boost website, your website visitor count will build up. You will start noticing more business queries and calls coming in from the Boost website itself. Please note that you will have to first build your website up with regular and relevant content about your products or services which your customers will be searching for
Google and other search engines look for websites who constantly update their content and reward them with traffic from their search results page. Which is why we recommend you post at least one update on your website daily. For example, new branch openings, new partnerships, product launches, product price change, new product features, offers and discounts are good examples of content that will help you gain your customers attention. You can also find new customers with lead generation and marketing tools like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and email marketing. You can purchase these add-ons from the add-on marketplace in Boost app.

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